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Every tree plant that is planted is vital. The tree improves the climate and gives people the prerequisite for a better life.

Vi-skogen operates in four countries around the Victoria Sea in eastern Africa: Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. The people there face different challenges, depending on the climate and geographical conditions where they live: in some areas the drought is the biggest challenge, in others it is heavy rain that causes landslides.


Deforestation and climate change aggravate the situation and is a problem in all countries: the climate becomes drier, and without the protective roots of the trees, the fertile soil is easily washed away when the rain is coming.

But all the people we work with have one thing in common: like the majority of the population in these countries are the small-scale farmers. Their livelihood is determined by whether they succeed in harvesting or not. They live in poverty, often at under $ 1.25 a day. They are already suffering from climate change. And with the help of the trees - and yours - they can go against a brighter future.

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